IABC/DC Metro is the largest IABC chapter in the United States. Members include communicators from corporations, government agencies, communications and PR firms as well as independent consultants and writers.

Our origins trace back to 1944, when editors representing several Baltimore industries came together to discuss their profession, publications, and problems. They formed the Industrial Editors Association of Maryland, and was affiliated with the International Council of Industrial Editors (ICIE). The group soon began attracting members from Maryland, Virginia, and the District, leading to a new name—the Middle Atlantic Association of Industrial Editors (MAAIE). During the ’50s, meetings alternated between Baltimore and DC.

In 1962, MAAIE’s Board voted to hold a meeting in a single location between the two cities. Travel became a problem, however, so members from Baltimore and the surrounding area formed their own group—the Maryland Association of Communicators. ICIE eventually evolved into the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), absorbing another organization, the American Association of Industrial Editors in 1977 to form what is today’s IABC.

The Maryland Association of Communicators received its charter as IABC/Baltimore in 1971 — their Washington-based counterparts became IABC/Washington in 1977. The two chapters merged in 2005, leading to adoption of the name “IABC/DC Metro” on March 1, 2010.

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